Full Ingredients List

Rosehip Oil

Chock-full of goodness, it helps to protect and hydrate skin, fight free radical damage, and reduce wrinkles. But that's not all! The vitamins and antioxidants rejuvenate the skin to restore elasticity, help to correct dark spots, and reduce the appearance of scars. Rosehip oil is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, which are integral for tissue and cell regeneration in the skin. It helps to protect and hydrate skin, fight free radical damage, and reduce wrinkles.


Squalane mimics the oil younger skin naturally produces but declines with age. Derived from olives, it mimics body's natural hydrating oils to provide weightless moisture to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin and prevent overdrying. Boosting hydration can help your skin appear more vibrant and healthier. The antioxidants in Squalane also fights skin damage and free radicals, which can both accelerate the aging process. Regular use can also boost collagen production, resulting in firmer skin.

Advanced Vitamin C

Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate: A high-strength oil solution with Vitamin C derivative and essential fatty acids. Vitamin C acts as an effective antioxidant, brightens the skin tone, and reduces visible signs of aging. Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate is an oil-soluble and extremely stable derivative of vitamin C. Why is this good for you? This is the most effective form of Vitamin C which penetrates faster into the dermis getting the goods right where you want them. Most Vitamin C serums on the market today are water-soluble which means you need more peservatives to stabilize the water and it also drying for the skin.

Grapefruit Peel Oil

Extracted from the peel of the fruit, grapefruit peel oil (Citrus paradisi) contains naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that help promote smoother, younger looking skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal. In addition, because of the potent antibacterial and antimicrobial effects it's the perfect ingredient to treat and protect acne-prone skin.

Amla Fruit Extract*

Amla ( Emblica Officinalis) is considered an Ayurvedic superfood for hair and skin, as it is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients that improve the circulation of the blood and nourish the body. Its cooling properties make it a great ingredient for treating pigmentation, uneven skin tone, acne, and blemishes.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E (Tocopherol) is a rich source of anti-oxidants that protect the body, skin and hair from free radical damage. An essential nutrient, Vitamin E is found in many foods and supplements. Free radicals can be found in air pollution, cigarette smoke, and high exposure to the UV rays of the sun. Free radicals weaken and over time break down healthy skin cells, and hence Vitamin E helps to prevent this from happening and slows down the aging of cells. When applied topically on the skin, Vitamin E can reduce inflammation, prevent damage from UV rays of the sun, and slow down aging of the skin.

Gotu Kola Oil*

Known as the “herb of longevity” in many traditional systems of medicine, Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) is a powerhouse for overall health and well-being. Gotu Kola is rich in triterpene saponins—a compound that helps keep skin tighter and firmer—and is also a great source of phytonutrients called flavonoids that act as antioxidants and fight off free radical damage and UV rays. Gotu Kola is great for stimulating collagen.

Ashwagandha Root Extract*

A superior rejuvenating herb renowned for its anti-aging properties. It increases vitality, energy, and endurance, and promotes longevity. Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) contains antioxidants that deal with free radicals to make you feel youthful. When it is applied topically to the skin, it soothes the skin, makes it brighter, and increases the cellular energy of the skin.


Babchi seeds have great medicinal value as per the ancient texts as well as modern science. It helps brighten the skin by visibly reducing pigmentation and plumps the skin by boosting collagen-promoting tissues. Bakuchiol expresses similar gene expression to Retinol such as improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity, firmness, and reduction in photodamage without the risks involved with the usage of Retinoids. A powerful herb for treating skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation. With antibacterial properties, Babchi also promotes a healthy complexion.

Grapefruit Oil Extract

Grapefruit (Citrus Paradisi) oil extract is used to reduce stress, stimulate circulation & enhance the mood. This oil extracts keep the skin toned. It also ads to the heavenly citrus smell.

Orange Peel Oil Extract

Orange (Citrus Aurantium Dulcis) Peel Oil Extract is beneficial for maintaining the health, appearance, and texture of skin by promoting clarity, radiance, and smoothness, thereby reducing the signs of acne and other uncomfortable skin conditions. It also has an amazing smell!

Grape Seed Oil*

Grape Seed (Vitis Vinifera) oil is believed to help maintain the skin’s elasticity. It is often used as a base or carrier oil, as it is very light and has no scent of its own.

Vetiver Powder*

Vetiver (Vetiveria Zizanioides) is known in Ayurveda to be antiseptic, detoxifying and cooling. When applied on the skin, Vetiver has anti-oxidant, tonic, and anti-aging properties. It is exceptionally light and gentle on the skin and is a highly recommended treatment for acne or sun burn.


Lecithin is a type of Phospholipids, which are the main structural component of all our bodies cell membranes, and integral to skin health. Phospholipids are one of nature's most powerful humectants, meaning they can help lock in moisture, supporting the body's natural hydration process and promoting skin barrier function.

Manjistha Extract*

Reduces discoloration of the skin and helps retain lustre and glow. It also helps to treat acne and inflammation. Manjistha has also been used to treat various skin concerns and also for brightening the complexion. The herb is enriched with a compound called Alizarin which is an effective anti-bacterial. Application of Manjishta is known to soothe dry skin, allergy and any kind of rash or inflammation.

Orange Oil*

Orange (Citrus Aurantium Dulcis) Oil has anti-microbial and antioxidant properties to help soothe irritated skin, redness, breakouts, and heal wounds. It also protects the skin from UV rays and strengthens the skin barriers against harmful impurities. Enriched with Vitamin C, it also helps to boost collagen in the skin. As it penetrates deep into the skin, it restores firmness, elasticity and radiance for naturally toned and brightened skin. It helps in reducing visible signs of aging like fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles. It leaves the skin rejuvenated, radiant and refreshed.

Licorice Root Extract

With the active enzymes and Vitamin C present in Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) extracts, these remove excess melanin from the skin, while evening out the complexion for brighter and glowing skin. It is used to reduce blemishes and rigid dark spots on the skin. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and age spots, works as a great age-defying ingredient, and leaves the skin naturally brighter and luminous. Licorice also helps in controlling excess oil or sebum production in the skin, which in turn works on the open pores; thereby affecting and treating oily and acne-prone skin.

Olive Fruit Oil

Olive (Olea Europaea) Fruit Oil is an emollient plant oil with benefits similar to several other non-fragrant plant oils. Olive oil is beneficial for dry skin because of its fatty acid content. Olive oil contains essential fatty acids dry skin needs, including oleic, palmitic, and linoleic acids. It also contains phenolic compounds that provide antioxidant benefit.

Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot (Daucus Carota Sativa) Seed Oil is a natural face exfoliant that will not only remove dead skin cells and cleanse pores but that will also repair dryness and damage to leave the complexion looking and feeling smoother, clearer, and more radiant. Carrot seed oil is rich in antioxidants, which makes it the perfect anti-ageing ingredient. It is beneficial as a rejuvenator for ageing skin. These antioxidants also protect your skin from sun damage.

Rose Oil*

Rose (Rosa Damascena) Oil has antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties, thus helping soothe skin, minimize pores, and reduce fine lines. It also has heavenly smell!

*Made with certified organic/natural ingredients