How My Battle With Infertility Led to 2 Beautiful Children and an Amazing-Smelling Serum

How My Battle With Infertility Led to 2 Beautiful Children and  an Amazing-Smelling Serum

I’m Ditti, Founder of Kerala Rituals.

I discovered Ayurveda in my early 20’s when I was struggling with PCOS & fertility issues. 

Multiple doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to have kids. I refused to accept that and looked for other ways to heal myself. 

After 5 years of struggling to get pregnant, I discovered Ayurveda. In just 3 weeks, my symptoms went away, and I finally had regular cycles after 6 years of irregularity. One year later, my son was born.

I became obsessed with Ayurveda which turned out to be big on beauty & longevity. I also got certified as an Ayurvedic Coach.

Here I am now with 2 kids and an Ayurvedic Skincare business! I am forever grateful and devoted to Ayurveda. My mission is to spread the word and educate people about this powerful ancient system. Beauty is not just about what you put on your skin but a balance of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


How This Formula Was Made

Taking the natural self-care of Ayurveda and combining it with scientifically proven ingredients and careful research, I was able to develop a serum that’s effective, gentle, and incredibly good smelling. 

Most people have no idea that there are different kinds of Vitamin C, and that only one type performs the best when it comes to fighting wrinkles and improving your skin. 

After 6 months of research, scouring over 104 scientific papers, I was able to create a serum that not only delivers superior results, but also saves you money, packing 3 vital skincare rituals into one convenient bottle.

19 Scientifically Proven Ingredients In One Convenient Bottle

Making this stuff at home would be expensive, time-consuming, and downright impossible. 

Combining all these ingredients in just the right amounts (measured down to the milliliter) takes some pretty precise equipment – and thousands of dollars in bulk purchases for the right serums and oils…

Not to mention all the specific knowledge of herbs, extracts, and oils you need to source the proper ingredients. 

It’s better for your bank account – and your skin – to get all the perfectly balanced ingredients you need from one simple product.

The Vitamin C in our serum is the most expensive, carefully crafted, and tested ingredient for efficiency and stability. This is followed by a full Quality Control process to ensure that it’s safe, effective, and shelf-stable.

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